IEOR 115: Industrial and Commercial Data Systems

Professor: Ken Goldberg
GSI: Caleb Xavier Bugg
Reader: Philippe Ferreira De Sousa
For Office Hours see Contact

Lecture: MW 11am-12pm, 3108 Etcheverry Hall.
Lab F 11am-12pm, 3111 Etcheverry Hall, 12pm-1pm, 247 Cory Hall

Course Desciption

This course is geared for IEOR juniors and seniors. IEOR students who need this course to graduate are guaranteed to get in. Other majors may be admitted as space permits but this course is quite impacted. Please see the Note on Registration (below).

Lectures describe how databases are designed and implemented, with an emphasis on industrial and commercial applications. We focus on the relational database model and learn the mathematics of relational algebra an Structured Query Language (SQL). In addition to homework and exams, students gain hands on experience with database software Microsoft Access in the laboratory sessions. Students work in teams to design and implement working prototype databases for local organizations.

Note on Registration for IEOR 115

Due to the size of our laboratory, the class is limited to 50 students. Priority is given to graduating IEOR seniors (who are guaranteed admission and are given course entry codes in advance).

Other students will be considered if space is available if they attend the first 2 classes: since it's difficult to determine the numbers at registration time, we will give a simple entrance exam to all interested students. Don't worry about studying for this, it's not a test of knowledge but of eligibility and enthusiasm. Remaining class entry codes will be given out in the second class. I realize this is inconvenient but it's the only fair solution.

For general enrollment information please contact Will McDaniels, Director of the IEOR Undergraduate Student Services, at: wmcdaniels[at]berkeley[dot]edu

Setup Guide to Install Microsoft Access


  1. Download the Office 2016 or 2013 for Windows from UC Berkeley Software-Central.
    We suggest that you keep both the downloaded file(s) and the key safe for later use.

  2. Install the office package and select Access during install.

Mac OS and others

  1. Please download and install VMware Fusion 10 .
    Alternatively you may also download the appropriate version of Virtual Box

  2. Download Windows 8.1 and install it in the VMware fusion software. Tutorial

  3. Download the Office 2016 or 2013 for Windows from UC Berkeley Software-Central.
    Note even if you downloaded Office for Mac 2011, you should be able to downloadthis one. We suggest that you keep both the downloaded file and the key safe for later use.

  4. Install the office package and select Access during install in the virtual machine.

*New* Troubleshooting Microsoft Access

  1. If you could not install MA using the above directions, please download and install VMware Fusion 10 and follow these directions.

  2. Download the VM file located here to your computer.

  3. Move the VM file to your windows/mac/Linux user's documents folder.

  4. Double-click the file to load the VM. This virtual machine has Microsoft Access installed. You can take snapshots of the VM at any time to save the current VM state. Note: If you receive the error message 'Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to' on your Mac, open System Preferences, click Security and Privacy, and look towards the bottom of the window where you will see 'System software from developer "VMWare, Inc." was blocked from loading' Look to the right of this message. you will see a button marked Allow. Click the button and the message and the button disappear.'

  5. Log in to the 'access' account with password 'ieor115'

  6. Open Microsoft Access.