Syllabus and Course Schedule

Fall 2018

Course Description

This course explores how databases are designed, implemented, used and maintained, with an emphasis on industrial and commercial applications. We focus on the relational database model and learn the mathematics of structured queries. Students will gain experience with a commercial database management system, and will work in teams to design and implement a prototype database system for a local organization.

Textbook :

  • Fundamentals of relational database management systems. Sumathi, Sai, and S. Esakkirajan. Springer, 2007.
    (Ebook available to berkeley students for free Here)

  • Access 2013 Bible, Michael Alexander, Dick Kusleika (Suggested) (Ebook available to berkeley students for free Here)

  • Fundamentals of Database Systems. R. A. Elmasri and S. B. Navathe, 6th Edition: Benjamin/Cummings, 2010.
    (Not Required, Some copies available in library for reference)

  • Software Reference: S. Roman, Access Database: Design and Programming. 3rd edition, O'Reilly Press, 2002.
    (Not required, available from, Also check out the external links)

Course Policies


  • 05% Class participation

  • 15% Homeworks and lab quizzes

  • 20% First mid-term exam

  • 25% Final exam

  • 35% Design project (presentations and reports)

Late Homework will lose 10% every day up to a maximum of 50% late penalty.


We will use bCourses for homework submissions, and grade listings. bCourses also allows discussions between students and posting to instructors (public as well as private messages).
To discuss homework or lab grades, please contact the GSI (and Grader) directly via bCourses.

Homework/Quiz Submissions will be in Softcopies in the bCourses course page unless specified otherwise.
Sorry, but due to class size we cannot accept emailed homeworks or quizzes.

In case a hardcopy submission is requested, it will be collected in class. If you miss class for any reason on the day of Hardcopy submission, Mark LATE [DATE and TIME] on top with an explanation, and put the assignment in Mo Zhou's mailbox outside IEOR office (4141) on the 4th floor of Etcheverry Hall.

We strongly encourage the use of message boards on bCourses.

Note from the Instructor

I respect and will accommodate religious beliefs, disabilities, and other special circumstances. Please contact me in person with advance notice so that we can plan accordingly. I welcome constructive criticism. Please email me with feedback on the course, teaching and format at any time during the term.

Setup Guide to Install Microsoft Access


  1. Download the Office 2016 or 2013 for Windows from UC Berkeley Software-Central.
    We suggest that you keep both the downloaded file(s) and the key safe for later use.

  2. Install the office package and select Access during install.

Mac OS and others

  1. Please download and install VMware Fusion .
    Alternatively you may also download the appropriate version of Virtual Box

  2. Download Windows 8.1 and install it in the VMware fusion software. Tutorial

  3. Download the Office 2016 or 2013 for Windows from UC Berkeley Software-Central.
    Note even if you downloaded Office for Mac 2011, you should be able to downloadthis one. We suggest that you keep both the downloaded file and the key safe for later use.